Zakharova said Biden, warned Kiev about lifting sanctions against Russia


The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said the Vice-President of the United States Joseph Biden, who warned Kyiv about EU’s desire to lift sanctions against Russia. In her opinion, in fact, a U.S. politician has called on Ukrainians to forget about sense and pull their socks up for the benefit of the United States.


Maria Zakharova recalled the statement of Biden, who, as Reuters reports, has complained that in the last two years constantly urged Ukrainian partners to fulfill the promises in the economic and political spheres, and to implement measures to Danbass. However, Kiev is not doing anything. Against this background it increasingly difficult to convince Germany, France and Italy to keep sanctions against Moscow.

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Joseph Biden: “If Ukraine will give the EU, there are at least five countries that I want to say: “We intend to withdraw from sanctions against Moscow.” In Europe increasingly saying: Hey, listen to Poroshenko the Ukraine belonged to Russia. They were puppets. So what, in the end, the difference? Why do you force US to participate in these sanctions?”.

Biden also added, speaking at the Council on foreign relations in new York that if Kiev will give the EU an occasion, the Ukraine will write off the failure of the failure of the Minsk agreements and closed the subject.

Zakharov noted in his Facebook that actually Biden asked Ukrainians to “forget about the meaning.” “don’t think about the consequences and pull their socks up for one purpose – to extend anti-Russian sanctions.

“Repeat this three times a day, and the happiness of our children will be a comfort for your”, – said Zakharov would like on behalf of Biden referring to the Ukrainians.

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