Why autumn is dressed in velvet


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“Soon will come the real autumn season. Why exactly is velvet? This time is called “Golden autumn”, but with this title we can all understand — just look at the color of the leaves. “Indian summer” suggests that the weather may be, like the women in 45 years, “second youth”. But who is “dressed up” autumn in the velvet, not silk, not cotton or other pretty and delicate materials?”

Athanasius, Penza

All about the intricacies of clothing not only for men, but also of the seasons knows fashion historian, stage designer, TV presenter Alexander VASILYEV, an honorary member of the Russian Academy of arts:

— A hundred years ago, velvet season called spring, mainly on the black sea coast of the country. Alexander Kuprin described this time of year in prose, calling it the Golden days for Yalta and the whole Crimea, and noted that it usually falls on the last week of lent and Easter, that is on March–may. It was then, in demi-season, on the Black sea was attended by a rich audience, who wore velvet — not in the summer, take him for a walk when it’s hot. In velvet they are certainly not on the beach walked and rode in carriages to restaurants. It looked very elegant. That’s why we called this offseason velvet. Gradually this time has shifted to the autumn, when, after the high season, vacationers also flock to the South. They are not dressed in velvet, and who in that, but historical name-it stuck.


“Room 187 (27189) “MK” I read the anecdote about how wife with her husband, went on vacation and left the house cat, remember who left him the food. And realizing that no one, sigh: “Well, whatever the holiday, you are burying the cat”. Sorry for the cat! My husband says it’s just a joke, that cats can live for anything up to two weeks without water. Is it true?”

Alla Nikolaevna Khabarovsk

photo: pixabay.com

— Cats really are very tenacious creatures, but from a long stay without water they sit down the kidneys, and to cure them can be very difficult, — says doctor of biological Sciences, Professor Irina BOEHME, Secretary of the Department of vertebrate Zoology, biological faculty, Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov. The cat left without water at least three days after such tests may become a chronic patient. You know, the one purring sent in the parcel, and he traveled almost a month — apparently without any food. And survived. But the average cat can live without food or water a week. If he has no water, but there is wet food, it will last longer as there is moisture. But it’s a maximum of two weeks. But if dry food in the form of a concentrate, a week or even less, because he will have a terrible thirst. It is unlikely that the cat in this case will help the leaves of your houseplants: they bite and lick, but many houseplants are poisonous to these animals. So, aloe is more or less edible, but Kalanchoe — no. Another film brought trying to get water out of the toilet, but there is a danger that the animal will fail there.


“With great sadness I read the news as a “nightmare” the Russian Olympians as not allowed Paralympians… and remember that there are deaf athletes! They all have their individual Games — when and where they should be? And how’s our deaf athletes, they are not excluded any more.”

Viacheslav Itkin, Yoshkar-Ola

Indeed, people with hearing impairment are their Games, separate from the Paralympics. They are called Surdlimpiada, from the French sourd — “deaf”, as was first organized neslysim a Frenchman in Paris in 1924. By analogy with the Olympics they are held every four years, but in odd-numbered years. At the time he Juan Antonio Samaranch insisted that Surdlimpiada became part of the Paralympics and formed a single structure of sport for people with disabilities under the auspices of the IOC, but due to different organizational and commercial issues and has not developed. So do deaf people around the world your own Game, what an unexpected way it is now proved beneficial for the Russians. At least here we don’t suspend you, shared with the “MK” Dmitry REBROV, Executive Director of the International Committee of sports for the deaf, head of international Department of all-Russian society of the deaf:

— Participation of the Russian team in the main start of four years remained unchanged. XXIII summer Deaflympics will take place from 18 to 30 July 2017 in Samsun, Turkey. Over the past year the anti-doping laboratories have not revealed any positive samples among our athletes. From Russia in the near Coordinado should qualify for roughly 360-370 athletes in all sports (total 21 species). In all disciplines, our country usually wins a lot of medals.

In addition, Russia is actively helping the promotion of sports for the deaf throughout the world. With the development of a certain type we introduce the world Championships. So, right in these days in Kazan is held the first world championship on bullet shooting among the deaf. In 2017 planned to hold the world championship on Curling among the deaf in Sochi.

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