Tusk said the EU’s intention to halt the uncontrolled flow of migrants


Moscow. September 16. INTERFAX.RU –
see to Bratislava road map tool to repair mistakes of the past

Brussels. September 16. INTERFAX – Bratislava Informal summit is the first meeting where European leaders spoke about the future of the European Union composed of 27 countries, the UK, and they had to give an honest diagnosis of the situation, said the President of the European Council Donald Tusk.

“Today we had an honest discussion regarding the reasons for the current political situation in Europe. The fact that millions of Europeans do not feel safe, reflects reality. They have the impression in lack of control, they Express fears about migration, terrorism, and, finally, about his future in socio-economic terms”, – said the head of the European Council, speaking on Friday evening at a press conference in Bratislava at the summit.

According to him, all participants agree that the European Union is imperfect, and all at the same time, I agree that it’s the best thing the Europeans.

“That’s why we will fix the mistakes of the past joint actions in the European Union of 27 countries. We will not be content with the position of the status quo to go forward in the European Union, and we were just talking about “Bratislava “road map”, which includes various jobs that will lead us to March 2017, the deadline when we would like to complete this process,” – said Donald Tusk.

He highlighted some of the goals set by the summit in the framework of this road map.

The Chairman of the Council of Europe noted that the EU intends to avoid future uncontrolled flow of migrants and non-Schengen borders. The EU will continue its cooperation with Turkey and the Western Balkans, but also will work on the implementation of the Covenant on migration with African countries.

He promised that the EU will use every means to help member States to ensure internal security, the fight against terrorism. In particular, the exchange of intelligence between EU members has become an urgent priority.

We will enhance cooperation of the EU in the field of external security and defence. In this regard, the December EU summit will consider the various possibilities offered by the Treaty of the European Union.

European leaders have agreed to work for a sustainable economic future, strengthening internal market and increasing investment.

Finally, said Donald Tusk, it is necessary to ensure our way of life and to give young Europeans an additional perspective”.

He said that under the sign of the Bratislava road map will be the future scheduled meetings of the European Council in October and December of this year, but also at the informal EU summit in Valletta and Rome in 2017.

Donald Tusk expressed hope that the Bratislava summit will help to restore confidence in the European project. But this will be possible only when all will understand that the EU fulfils its obligations through proper cooperation between member States and the institutions of the Union, said the head of the European Council. He noted that this is the solution.

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