The Titanic will never sink: Russia has started a unique operation against icebergs


Russia starts towing of icebergs in the Arctic. 10 September in the Kara sea from the port of Murmansk came icebreaker “Kapitan Dranitsyn, whose team, together with colleagues of the scientific expedition vessel “Akademik Treshnikov” will carry out a unique experiment on the effects on the icebergs with a view to their deviations from the threat of the line of drift.


A similar experience is the only American scientist who conducted an experiment on the capture and transportation of an iceberg in Antarctica with a special network. This was done with the purpose of delivering a large supply of drinking water (which consists of iceberg) in arid regions. In Russia — another problem: the drifting icebergs is a real threat to oil platforms operating in the Northern seas.

As reported by “MK” at the Institute of Arctic and Antarctic, a method of towing icebergs is to capture the ice mountain in “captivity” with a special cable and transportation in that part of the waters from which the iceberg will no longer threaten the destruction of industrial facilities. It is assumed that the towing can take about three days.

During the pilot program, the scientists will hold 12 full-scale experiments: in addition to towing the iceberg in the Kara sea, they measure meteorological and Oceanographic parameters in the other seas, will conduct a study of the population of the polar bear, walrus, and monitoring of marine mammals and birds.

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