The Russian army has decided to implement energy-saving technologies


Moscow. September 21. INTERFAX.RU Private investors will improve the reliability of energy supply and will be implemented in army energy conservation technologies, said the Russian defense Minister, army General Sergei Shoigu.

“The involvement of private investors will allow to raise reliability of a heat supply and apply on objects of the Ministry of defense, the most modern energy saving technologies”, – said Shoigu at the Board meeting of the Ministry of defense.

According to him, in 2016, the Ministry of defense replaced the pilot project of modernization of heat economy, which is being implemented under concession agreements.

He also noted that by better preparing for the cold period in 2015, the defense Ministry has managed to reduce the number of accidents.

“It is important to continue to about 4 thousand of our boilers and 70 thousand kilometers of utility networks running smoothly, and over 85 thousand units barracks and housing were fully provided warmth and light,” – said Shoigu.

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