The owner of “Centrobuv” is wanted for the theft of the Gazprom loan


The interior Ministry announced in the Federal wanted list, the main shareholder of the company “Tsentrobuv” Sergey Lomakin. As reported by the Agency, he disappeared along with the loan received from Gazprombank. In its relation criminal case under article “Fraud.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

A law enforcement source confirmed to TASS that the reports about the announcement in search of shareholder of the company “Tsentrobuv” relate to its main owner Sergei Lomakin. “He took out a loan from Gazprombank and disappeared,” provides explanations of the source.

Officially, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia is reported only that the Federal investigation announced by one of the leaders of the group of companies manufacturing shoes and clothing. The report also specified that the defendant stole a large sum from one of the banks.

The Interfax Agency also reported, citing a source in law enforcement bodies that declared wanted one of the shareholders of the Shoe retailer Tsentrobuv” Sergey Lomakin.

Several media outlets also reported that the largest retail network on trade in footwear “Tsentrobuv”, founded in 1992, currently has debts of 30 billion rubles.

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