The new train for the Moscow metro were presented at ENEA


Moscow. September 9. INTERFAX.RU – Subway train the new generation with a through passage “Moscow” was presented on Friday to the city mayor.

The force established by the arch of the main entrance of VDNKH. Saturday – the day of the city – it will be able to see everyone.

As noted at the presentation ceremony the Deputy mayor Maxim Liksutov, the city is an important event.”

“We have been preparing for the fact that this car appeared. We have 2010 40% updated fleet of subway cars delivered 1.6 million new cars,” – said Liksutov.

He recalled that the name of the new train 765 series given by Muscovites during the voting in the project “Active citizen”.

According to the Deputy mayor, the delivery of these trains will begin from February next year. “The car that is presented at ENEA – real, not fake. After a few days it will begin metallurgical testing and in February 2017 these cars will be supplied on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line”, – said Liksutov, adding that by 2020, all trains on this line will be “exactly like”.

2020, metro needs to deliver modern trains of 96 (768 railcars). Their main features – wide door opening, improved the interior and pass-through through all the cars. They are also equipped with modern ventilation and lighting.

According to Liksutov, a new subway equip 48 chargers. “Each train consists of eight cars, we have 48 ports for charging mobile phones, gadgets,” – said Liksutov during the presentation of the new train at ENEA.

In addition, the train are interactive monitors “where you can get directions, larger map”. The train will also be wireless Internet.

Liksutov noted that this train is 20% more passengers. “These cars have become safer than any other analogue in Russia. 15% there’s more room for the driver, which is also important,” he said.

In the car on a 30% improved lighting, three times more air will be supplied into the cabin for passenger comfort. In addition, this train is 30% reduced noise level through the use of new technologies cladding the train, said Liksutov.

He added that passengers will be less time for boarding and alighting “at the expense of the wider doors.” In each car there are eight surveillance cameras – “on the Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line of these cameras yet.

The first cars of the new generation, manufactured at the plant “Metrovagonmash” will be shown to Muscovites and guests of the capital on the city Day. At ENEA presented a shortened version of the train.

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