The inhabitant of Noginsk told himself was circumcised


The inhabitant of Noginsk, which attributed a handwritten castration, denies this information and claims that he made only a small incision because of problems with urination, damaging the urethra. “MK” was able to talk with the victims.


Earlier it was reported that the 38-year-old man suffering from phimosis, out of desperation, not waiting for the operation, decided to operate on himself and eventually lost his genitals. However, in practice it turned out that the resident of the Moscow region made only a small incision of the foreskin, which started bleeding.

– I does not cut off, – told “MK” the novel, is Phimosis I started about a month ago. Over time, began to progress, more and more overgrown foreskin. On 11 September I went to one of the private clinics for help to the urologist. He gave me a look and said I need surgery. And that this couldn’t wait. This clinic is not operated, but the doctor gave the direction with which I went to the district hospital. On this day I was told that no doctors in the place of some nurses. Came in the other day. Then there was the head, and the doctor did not have coupons. And in the evening my foreskin closed to the end. Then I cut the skin that urination has occurred. And of course has damaged the urethra. But the member I does not cut off, it’s all fiction.

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