The Federal chamber of advocates is proposing to build private prisons in Russia


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MOSCOW, 11 Dec — RIA Novosti. The Federal chamber of lawyers of the Russian Federation (APF) will suggest the government to establish in the courts jail the trailers to date and to consider the possibility of building private prisons to provide the accused the opportunity to meet with their lawyers, said the President of the chamber Yury Pilipenko, in an interview to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, which will be published Tuesday.

Pylypenko recalled existing in detention centers of Moscow that due to lack of visiting rooms for long periods of time lawyers cannot see their clients. The most deplorable situation is observed in the SIZO “Lefortovo”, where, among others, contain the most “senior” of the defendants. About this earlier said are there under arrest by the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh. According to him, lawyers are forced to cast lots to determine who will go through to the infirmary. All in this prison there are about 200 people, about half of the lawyers in agreement, the day of the insulator may take no more than six defenders. They joined in a separate group in one of the messengers, where they cast lots.

“In order to meet with their clients, lawyers have to spend a lot of time, leading to delays in investigations and the limitation of the right of suspects and accused persons to protection”, — said the head of FPA.

Lawyers have prepared a number of proposals that intend to apply to the justice Ministry, the Federal penitentiary service, in other government agencies. “We are preparing other proposals, and quite radical. For example, to buy through the advocacy of the trailers to date and put them in the courtyards of the detention center,” said Pilipenko.

In addition, he believes that should allow the construction of private prisons. “They are created on the basis of a contract with the state, and for prisoners stay in them for free… Conditions in a private prison must be exactly such, as provided by law. Her work can see one or two government inspectors. And the staff are employees of private companies”, — said the head of FPA.

In his opinion, such an organization of prisons there is a benefit for the budget. “To pay a private prison is cheaper than employing public institution of penal system… To the same private company might first invest to build a prison at its own expense, to then within a few years to recoup the project due to government contract. In this case, the management of the private prison monitors even stricter regime because the detection of violations runs the risk of losing the contract, and therefore, investments”, — said Pilipenko.

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