The authorities of Samara advised the school to cancel the prohibition of female students to wear pants


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SAMARA, August 9 — RIA Novosti. Samara Department of education did not approve a ban on the wearing of pants for girls introduced in the school in Samara, told RIA Novosti the administration of Samara.© RIA Novosti. Said Carnevaro check the Samara school, where students were forbidden to wear pants

“The Department of education of administration of Samara considers acceptable wearing girls pants suit classic business style, and recommended to the Council … “School №22″ to reconsider its decision on this issue”, — said the Agency representative of the authorities of Samara.

According to the city administration, the ban on the wearing of trousers by female students of the school №22 was adopted by the decision of the school Board. As noted in the city hall of Samara, the establishment of requirements to clothes on the basis of the Federal law within the competence of the educational institution. The school Board has the right to take such legal acts.

“The decision of the Council … of the school №22 was made in connection with the fact that some pupils wore clothes calling. Parents of students complaints concerning the introduction of restrictions on the wearing girls pants, to the Department of education of Samara city administration didn’t arrive”, — have noted in city administration.

In the Department of education of Samara have informed that do not share the position taken by the school Board. The Department believes that the wearing girls pants a classic style is quite acceptable. The Department of education believes that “it was enough to impose a ban on wearing jeans in certain styles, breeches, pants, trousers, as clothes are not appropriate business attire”.

Earlier it was reported that the Prosecutor’s office of Samara region at the request of the parents began to school №22, where a ban on the wearing of pants for girls.

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