The analyst: the focus of the Ministry of education will now be the teacher


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MOSCOW, 20 Aug — RIA Novosti. The appointment of a new Minister of education of the Russian Federation testifies to the fact that the government built a bunch of “power — professional environment – society” and now the focus of the Ministry will be the teachers, said political analyst Andrei Zudin.© Photo: GHEUSI learned, what will you start Vasileva on a post of the Minister of education

On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with a proposal by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to appoint a new head of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation the employee of presidential administration Olga Vasiliev. Who previously held this post Dmitry Livanov will be a special heads of state on trade and economic relations with Ukraine.

The context of the resignation

The analyst noted that “conversation about change in the leadership of the Ministry of education makes sense to start with a mention of the fact that the new Minister was appointed at the initiative of Dmitry Medvedev, he proposed to a key post in the education system professional with a “master root” Vasiliev, Olga”. The expert stresses two important points.

“First. For example, the resignation of Livanov and purpose of Vasilyeva, we see that a bunch of “power — professional environment – society, built in the Medvedev government, really works. The previous head of the Ministry has often caused criticism and criticism, and in fact has become the main allergen of public opinion,” — said RIA Novosti Zudin.© Photo: Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federationhave assessed the prospects Vasileva on a post of the Minister of education

The expert recalled that “shortly before the change of the head of the Ministry Livanov held a meeting with the leadership of the party “United Russia”, which had conducted a difficult conversation, had made the claim and the remarks of the Minister.”

“Previously conducted numerous meetings with professional societies and the party and the government, where they discussed issues in education. The appointment of a new Minister of education should be seen in the context of the dialogue with the professional community and segments of civil society interested in issues of education. These include not only professionals but also parents of children studying in schools and universities,” he said.

The second important factor Zudin believes the fact that the appointment of a new Minister should be taken as a sign that now the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation otherwise you will prioritize.

“Complaints of inadequate government attention to teachers has long been accompany any discussion of educational problems. It is precisely because of this circumstance should assess the statement of the new head of the Ministry of education that the primary focus of the Ministry will now become the teacher, because the key values that they have in the educational process. This is a binding word. After this announcement, we can expect important changes in Ministry policy, greater attention to working conditions and quality of life of teachers” — said the analyst.

New accents

Zudin noted that “the policy of the government of Dmitry Medvedev in the previous years made the turn to the problems of the teachers really possible.”

“Let’s remember, has been improved material base of schools, implemented a program for 100% security with places in kindergartens, gymnasiums were built in rural schools, was conducted internetization of schools and universities, efforts to achieve the goals set in the may decrees of Vladimir Putin in the field of education. Recent months have seen a rapid development program for the construction of new schools, was renewed the program for production of school buses”, — said the expert.

The political scientist believes that “the most painful phase of education reform… complete.”

“There is an opportunity to shift the focus from infrastructure to education process and its key figure – the teacher. And here, by the way, the experiences of a wide public dialogue on governmental and party lines can be claimed by the Ministry of education, under new management,” said Zudin.

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