“Spider” Troitsky was arrested in Montenegro for the burning of the house


Musician Sergei “Spider” Troitsky, once ran for mayor of Moscow, arrested in Montenegro. To it threatens till 5 years of imprisonment. Local police caught the leader of “metal Corrosion” in the train on the way to Belgrade. He was charged with arson of a house of his compatriot in the resort of Sutomore.

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The flamboyant leader of the Russian rock group “metal Corrosion” Sergey Troitsky known as “Spiderman”, was arrested in Montenegro. Police consider him the Prime suspect in the case of the arson of a house in the resort of Sutomore, which belongs to the Russian E. K. the Incident occurred on September 3 and the same evening, Trinity was caught right on the train to Belgrade.

Trinity faces up to five years of imprisonment.

The Russian Embassy said that while there are no official messages from authorities about the detention of the Trinity, but we are ready to provide assistance, RIA “Novosti”.

Attorney musician Erol Mironovich said that now the Trinity is in jail under arrest for 30 days. The Prosecutor’s office qualified the accusation as “the establishment of a common danger.” According to counsel, the court may allow the Trinity to come out on bail of 5 thousand euros.

The lawyer also said that the Trinity was in the room, which was set on fire and that the police have strong evidence, including testimony of a neighbor. Nevertheless, the investigation is continuing.

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