Social well-being of Russians in July has improved


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MOSCOW, Aug 11 – RIA Novosti. Indicators of social well-being of Russians in mid-summer rose — the citizens better evaluate their financial situation and the economic situation in the country sees them more positive than at the beginning of the year; however, all estimates are today significantly lower than they were in the last few years, according to the results of another study of the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion.

© RIA Novosti. Catherine Chesnokova in photobanks: the Russians believe that the social policy of the Cabinet needs a serious change in the Behavior of the index self-assessment of financial position is unstable: for half a year, there are sharp UPS and downs. In July, the index has added 11 points (from 52 to 63 points), reaching the maximum in the current year… If the figures 2014-2015, he is noticeably inferior, the value for 2009 exceeds by almost half,” — said in the study.

While the majority of the respondents are still inclined to assess the financial position of their family as “average” (in July, it said 66% of respondents).

Also increased the index of life satisfaction (from 45 to 53 points), he overcame last month negative trend.

“This above average value according to similar periods of previous years, but significantly inferior to the peak value (78 in July 2015). In General positively assess their life situation today, 49%, 23% – negatively, and 27% say equally positive and negative moments”, — stated in the polls,

The index of social optimism in recent months, kept at 51-52 points, and comparing with the beginning of the year (44 points in January), future projections Russians are more optimistic, the results of the survey.

“More than a quarter (29%) of respondents expect that their lives will improve, 17%, in contrast, expect deterioration of the situation. In July 2010-2015 index values were higher. Optimism about the future grows with the beginning of the year,” — noted in the study.

While 40% of respondents in July, expressed the view that their lives will change for the better or worse, many Russians hold similar views for the last few months.

“The economic situation in the country as a whole is now valued far more positively than at the beginning of the year: 34 points in July to 17 points in January, but amid the July values in recent years it looks less positive. One in three (32%) today consider the country’s economic situation is bad, and one in ten (12%) takes the opposite opinion,” say the sociologists.

The majority of Russians (54%) tend to assess the situation in the Russian economy as “average”.

With regard to assessments of the political situation in the country, the index added in the last month not so much — 3 points compared to June and reached the mark 53 points. The positive and negative assessments speak for a roughly equal share of respondents (23% and 21%, respectively), but average scores predominant (51%).

The index estimates the total development vector of the country is the most stable index among others: during the first five months of 2016, he stayed within a narrow range of 54 to 56 points, and after a slight decline in June (to 51 percent) in July returned to the previous level (55 points). Indicators 2014-2015 was significantly higher than the current (78 and 75 points). Value 2009, on the contrary, is lower (45 points)”, — stated in the materials of VTSIOM.

In General, the course of development of the country now approves 36% of respondents are dissatisfied with them 20%, and 39% of respondents partly agree with that, and with the other rating.

“The difficulty in the evaluation of the obtained results in a significant impact on indicators of social well-being of seasonal factors. But despite this obvious strengthening of economic component of social optimism,” commented the results of the survey research project Manager VTSIOM Mikhail Mamonov.

First of all this is reflected in assessments of the economic situation in the country and stability in recent months, the index of personal economic optimism, he said.

“Thus, the Russians not only have adapted to the crisis, but also record the General stabilization of economic situation in the country, the first signs of improvement. About the sustainability of the identified trend can talk on the results of research in the coming months”, — the expert believes.

The poll was conducted July 23-24, 2016 at 130 settlements of 46 Russian regions among 1,600 people. The statistical error does not exceed 3.5%. Social well-being index represents the difference between the sum of positive and average ratings and negative ratings, their values can range from -100 to 100 points.

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