Sobyanin: Moscow is ahead of Europe in terms of the implementation of management decisions


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MOSCOW, 30 Jul — RIA Novosti. Moscow has overtaken the average European level on the introduction of new management solutions, said Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin the TV channel “Russia 24”.

© RIA Novosti. Eugene to Betemporary in fotomontagen: more than 70 delegations arrived at the Moscow urban forum”Boston Consulting conducted a study regarding the implementation of new information technologies in cities, I do not presume to answer for the business, I think that’s a topic for another conversation. With regard to managerial technologies, the introduction of new modern solutions, for example, Europe now has 46% of the population who receive government services and interact with citizens using these technologies in Moscow is 64%, that is, Moscow is not only beginning to move forward, say, a few years ago, but has already surpassed the European average,” — said the mayor.

He also explained that Moscow a few years ago was one of the last places in Europe and in the world in terms of introduction of new information technologies. “To provide services in the state multi-function centers, Moscow has ranked first in the world among the best examples of this activity”, — said Sobyanin.

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