Self-employed Russians will soon be exempt from tax: so Putin ordered


Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the Council for economic development. The main news for the citizens was the return of the President to the subject of the exemption of self-employed Russians. Analysts saw new signs of the positional struggle between Medvedev and Kudrin.


Dmitry Medvedev has managed once again to knock Alexei Kudrin. The Kremlin seems to have forgotten about the Economic Council, which the Minister had to play “second fiddle” after the President and prepare for the election campaign.

Despite the promise of Vladimir Putin to the end of the year to discuss the reform of the social sphere and technological renewal of the economy, measures to improve the business climate and improving the system of public administration, the Economic Council may not going never.

Instead he had launched an alternative campaign project presidential Council for strategic development and priority projects, which is chaired by Dmitry Medvedev and Alexei Kudrin takes a modest role of private expert along with representatives from the chamber of Commerce, OPORA Russia, RSPP, the trade unions and other public associations.

About the creation of a new framework Vladimir Putin announced at the international economic forum in St. Petersburg. And on Wednesday, in Novo-Ogaryovo was held the second meeting of the Council.

According to the President, the work of the new body should be national in character. The Council will become the nerve centre for decision-making, contributing to a structural change in the economy. For each of these areas (education, health, housing, transport etc) in the near future it is planned to launch priority projects with specific targets and deadlines. “However, our work should not be confined to what we are going to draw new commitments.

The list of tasks are endless, especially in a country like ours. “We need to identify what’s most important and to concentrate resources”, – Putin said. The President did not mind that in the inventive format, the Council’s work in essence is no different from the strategy for the election of Dmitry Medvedev 2008 sample. What’s more – he agreed to draw on the experience of national projects and their successful practices.

However, there is a significant difference: the national projects Dmitry Medvedev stated in the conditions of favourable economic and political conjuncture (and by the way, many were never completed) and the priority projects of Vladimir Putin superimposed on the stagnant economy, the limitations of budget and the anti-Russian sanctions.

At the second meeting of the Council was made two topics which before were regularly discussed on various platforms, including the government and the Kremlin measures to support small businesses and integrated development of transport infrastructure.

Putin stressed that roads there are always problems, and regions more than States. If the repair and maintenance of Federal roads are now funded at 91% of the norm, then regional roads – only 15%. Not surprisingly, that was where the bulk of accidents, including fatalities. And the residents of almost every subject of the Federation met the head of state complaining of the pits and potholes.

“It is necessary to improve the situation!” – demanded the President. And, as promised, called specific landmark – naturally, 2018. By that time, in large agglomerations with a population of over 1 million people to the normative state, he said, should be given at least 50% of the road network. And by 2025, not less than 85%. (Recall that in 2024 in Russia to be held the next presidential election. So the Council and priority projects clearly Putin is conceived for the long term).

Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov reported that the task priority already formed the project”Safe and quality roads,” which includes 15 cities millionika (except Moscow and St. Petersburg, where everything is in order) and 19 cities with a population from 500 to 800 thousand people. To ensure funding is expected due to the redistribution of part of the transfers sent by the regions to the Federal road Fund, in favor of the project participants. It will annually send to repair roads in the agglomerations of 40 billion rubles.

The Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev has promised to legalize the public control over the violators of traffic rules. According to him, the output is an order which will allow the use of clips shot with the “Blue buckets” and other activists, to bring them to justice. However, this will need to register on the portal and download a special app. Vladimir Putin said that by 2018, the number of traffic fatalities should decrease to 10.6 cases per 100 thousand population.

With regard to the development of small business, judging by the meeting of the Council, the key problem today is the legalization of the self-employed. (A question raised since the end of last year, but as is often the case, things are there)

“We have repeatedly discussed in party forums, and the site of the onf on the need for a certain period generally exempt self-employed from paying taxes and mandatory contributions”, – reminded the President (it was about two years). He stressed that self-employed citizens numbering several million, you need to offer a clear and convenient way of interacting with government. And most importantly – to exclude any possibility of recognition of their activities illegal business. What prevents to do it for several months now, Vladimir Putin is not explained. But with Dmitry Medvedev, this question is discussed – “everything is agreed”.

The Prime Minister, who is head of the Council Presidium, the meeting did not utter a word. As a fact, and Alexei Kudrin… However, the President warned that waiting for the performances only on designated topics, and discussions of a General nature in the agenda are not included.

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