Russian actionist after a stay in Kiev escaped back to Russia


Russian actionist opposition Roman of Roslovtsev, 21 Aug asked for political asylum in Ukraine, returned to Russia. The “well-known writer and public figure” (as submitted it in the official release of the press service of the State border service of Ukraine) also appropriated the possessions of others.


The story “a temporary defector” told in Facebook who lives in Kiev, Russian woman Yulia Arkhipova, head of the project EmigRussia. According to her, on arrival in Kiev Roslavtseva it sent to an organization that helps refugees “Right to protection “. He explained that Ukraine to receive asylum almost impossible, and promised to find a third country willing to accept him as a refugee. However, Roslovtsev no proposal was accepted.

Then the social worker says that “the novel has wanted to go to the ATO. “ATU he wanted, excuse, in his own words, to write on the machine “212.1 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation about participation in mass riots)”. Even dreamed of the helmet “mask of GDP.” “Work to provide for themselves, to go to military training and to raise money for equipment, he did not want” – said Arkhipov.

Another user of social networks reported that Roslavtseva, “according to his current statements, not taken into the Armed forces of Ukraine allegedly because of poor health.” And the application for political asylum in Ukraine, he in fact did not apply.

Not less questions and actionist crossing the Russian-Ukrainian and then the Russian-Ukrainian border. Russian passports have Roslavtseva was not a written statement from him at the state border has not been received; is so easy in our time to get to the territory Nezalezhnosti” from Russia?

The flight back home took place without the participation of the Ukrainian border guards.

Arkhipova said that he gave the fugitive his old iPad (“while the novel doesn’t work on your own laptop”), but he took the tablet with him and fled to Russia.

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