Retired military rocketeer convicted of the murder of a neighbor from a homemade weapon


Fascination with weapons came at a cost the former military rocket. Reserve officer paid with his freedom for what in the heat of a quarrel, shot an old friend from a homemade gun.


As found “MK”, shortly before the tragedy of 31-year-old resident of the Moscow region Lobnya Dmitry Maksimenko he retired with the rank of Lieutenant from the strategic missile forces. The man took a mortgage to purchase housing and was going to marry. Meanwhile, he had one unsafe hobby — the guy learned how to make firearms and ammunition. So, with the help of available tools and materials have produced a shortened shotgun-sawed-off from its double-barreled hunting rifle, and fashioned from two signal pistols single combat, which he always carried with him for protection. And case to use weapons, unfortunately, had. 12 Oct 2014 around 10 PM Maksimenko, returning from a walk, at the entrance was talking with a neighbor who was walking out of the store with bags. At the same time, went in the house school friend of the mother of Dmitry. 55-year-old driver has long abused alcohol and often used to go to visit them, inviting companions mistress. Dmitry was against her pernicious passion, but anything could not do. Besides old friend, in the words of rocket differed from the other guests of the party his mother’s persistence. And this time, a drunken man began to select from the woman the bag, wanting to bring them to the apartment. Dmitry was forced to intervene, but a friend was treating him aggressively. At some point, grandpa managed to hit hurt Maksimenko’s face, then that, wanting to scare him off, pulled a pistol and fired in the direction of the offender, aiming above the head. Then the young man ran to his apartment. However, there is, according to him, he discovered the absence of his mobile phone and went out to the porch in search of him, where once again faced with a friend’s mother. Bully came toward him, threatening to kill. As argued during the investigation, Dmitry, hoping to scare off the bully, he sent in his direction the gun and pulled the trigger, but there was a misfire, and when he pulled the trigger again, the bullet hit the left eyes of the man, killing him on the spot. The guy told his mother about the murder and fled, but a few days turned himself in law enforcement. During the investigation, Maksimenko said that he was not going to kill, and was only defending himself.

In the end, as reported “MK” the press service of the 94th garrison military court, Maksimenko was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in a penal colony and a fine of 100 thousand rubles.

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