Putin signed a law providing in the criminal code the concept of child pornography


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Thomas Thisukbuytramadol got the right to close the site with child porn without adamesque, 23 Jun The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a law that enshrines the concept of child pornography and transmitting the Investigative Committee of the investigation of such crimes. The document published Thursday on the official portal of legal information.

The law was approved by the state Duma on 7 June and by the Federation Council on 15 June.

Document, amending article 242.1 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation, establishes that the materials with pornographic images of minors refers to materials and items containing any depiction or description of sex: fully or partially naked genitals of minors; minors who commit or simulate sexual intercourse or other sexual acts; sexual intercourse or other actions of a sexual nature committed against minors or with his participation. Child pornography will be considered and the depiction or description of adult representing the child, commit or simulate sexual intercourse.

© Photo: official account of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation “Vkontakte”, the state Duma passed the Investigative Committee of the case on “child pornography”at the same time it clarifies that “child pornography” is not considered to be materials that contain the depiction or description of sexual organs of minors, if they have historical, artistic or cultural value, or intended for use in scientific or medical purposes or educational activities.

The law also transfers the investigation of cases related to the production and trafficking of child pornography, the Investigative Committee of Russia.

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