Psychotropic substances and their analogues have become aggravated


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MOSCOW, 4 Jul – RIA Novosti. Even not prohibited by law, psychotropic substances and their analogues now, along with drugs will become an aggravating circumstance in the criminal process: the amendments specifying the concept of “intoxication”, approved on Monday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

© Fotolia/ ridvanardaКонвенция on psychotropic wesentlichkeitstheorie the law amends the criminal code of the Russian Federation: now, in addition to drugs an aggravating circumstance will be the use of psychotropic substances or their analogues, a new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances, says the document, published on the official portal of legal information.

Additionally, the changes will affect motorists. The expanded notion of “intoxication” in the article “Violation of traffic rules”.

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