Muslims in Italy are asked to recognize polygamous marriages along with same-sex


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MOSCOW, 12 Aug — RIA Novosti. The Union of Islamic communities and organizations demanded that the Italian authorities the legalization of polygamy along with same-sex unions, according to the Church Militant.

Italian same-sex unions received the right couples in may 2016. There is only one restriction: under the law, gay couples can’t adopt children.

“Polygamy is a civil right. Muslims do not approve of homosexual partnerships, however, are obliged to adopt the system that allow it. In Italy there is no reason not to recognize polygamous marriages”, — leads edition of the words of the founder of the Union of Hamza Piccardo.

According to him, legalization of polygamy would stop the population decline and to attract more foreign workers, which will help to solve 40 percent of the unemployment problem among the youth of Italy.”

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