Moskalkova: Russia is ready to transfer Ukraine convicted in Crimea


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MOSCOW, 4 Jul — RIA Novosti. The competent public authorities of the Russian Federation expressed its willingness to transfer prisoners in the Crimea Ukrainian citizens to their homeland to serve their sentence, and the Ukrainian side agreed to accept them; currently considering the appropriate mechanisms, reported RIA Novosti, the Russian Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova on Monday.

On Friday the Deputy head of the Ministry of justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevostianova said on air of the Ukrainian “5th channel” that the negotiations on the transfer of Kiev convicted in the Crimea citizens of Ukraine are in the final stage. Previously, the ombudsmen of Russia and Ukraine agreed to conclude agreements on the movement of convicts in the Crimea to serve their sentence in Ukraine. Lutkovska said that we are talking about 18 prisoners who were convicted by a Ukrainian court to 18 March 2014, i.e. before the moment when the Crimea became part of Russia. Press Secretary of the Ukrainian Ombudsman Michael Chaplyga stated that the transfer to Kiev 18 convicted Ukrainians in Crimea may be held during the month.© Flickr/ Serenity IbsenМинюст Ukraine: negotiations on the transfer of sentenced persons in the Crimea close to the end

“This issue is solved in the spirit of the agreements that took place between the two commissioners (of Russia and Ukraine – ed.) in Minsk — the list (of prisoners – ed.) verified that each of the commissioners addressed to the authorities: (Valeria) Lutkovska is about to take Moskalkova about to pass, and conceptual agreement obtained from those parties. And now comes the stage of elaboration of the mechanisms of these gears, so today I can’t even say that the question is completed – it is completed when these people are in other places of detention,” — said Moskalkova.

“The conceptual agreement to accept convicted in Crimea — ed.) the penitentiary system of Ukraine. And when I appealed to the competent state authorities of the Russian Federation if they are willing to send, they replied that, Yes, such a willingness is, they have people that they are ready to solve positively and to support the application of the Commissioner on the transfer,” he added

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