Media: the Deputy suggested to brand in Russia cars and apartments alimony


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MOSCOW, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Leningrad region Vladimir Petrov offers to mark the cars of debtors alimony special stickers, appropriate treatment, he directed the justice Ministry and the Federal service of court bailiffs (FSP), the newspaper “Izvestia”.

© Fotolia/ rufousПутин partially lifted criminal penalties for assault and nonpayment alimanovic according to the publication, according to the MP, “it is necessary to subject them to public censure fathers who after divorce leave their children without a livelihood, without paying even required by law to child support.

“I propose to develop a system on the sticker on the cars “draft Dodgers” of the text, reporting the failure to pay their child support. Similar stickers or decals can also be installed on doors of apartments, inhabited by citizens who do not pay their child support,” — said in his address the Deputy.

In his opinion, a alimony live well, earn well and have decent cars. In his address, the MP gives the example of family life of the former football player of “Zenith” and Russian national team Andrey Arshavin and his civil wife Yulia Baranovskaya, which, in his opinion, “knocked out child support for three children through the courts.

© Fotolia/ svortКабмин of Russia proposes to oblige banks to report non-payers in assistantopened believes that it is necessary to apply more radical measures in the fight against non-payment of money for children. He believes that this FSP should collaborate with the traffic police.

According to the publication, you should also think of “virtual stickers” that can be placed on the pages of the alimony in their social networks and messengers. In his opinion, thanks to this innovation, users of social networks will not have the desire to have a virtual experience with alimony.

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