Media: more than 25 thousand faithful left the Church of Norway in August of this year


MOSCOW, 2 sen — RIA of news. More than 25 thousand people left the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Norway after the launch in August of its new web page, which can be used to join the Church or to leave it, reports The Local.

According to the Church, for August only 1177 people joined her, while 25 743 believers left. However, the head of the Conference of the Norwegian bishops Helga Hoagland Byfuglien tend not to consider these statistics the mass Exodus of parishioners. According to her, the launch of a new web page attracted too much attention from the media, so in the Church expected that a certain number of believers abandon it.

“We respect the choice of each individual,” said Byfuglien.

The head of the Church Council Jens–Petter Johnsen acknowledged that 25 thousand people — an abnormally high figure. “We expect that the number of people leaving the Church sharply reduced, when will weaken the attention of the media,” he expressed the hope Johnsen.

Today the Evangelical Lutheran Church about 3.9 million members, including living abroad. Starting in 2016, it left about 34 thousand people, and joined her only 2 thousand. The Lutheran Church is the official state Church of Norway, however, the separation of the Church from the state.

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