Kasparov helped the United States beat Russia in chess Olympiad


In Baku ended in the 42nd world chess Olympiad, the biggest competition on the planet. The General view was that the venue and organization were impeccable. Unlike the Olympic games, no doping scandals occurred. In the capital of Azerbaijan arrived safely, a record number of teams – 180 male and 140 female, a total of 341 GM, including both current world Champions Magnus Carlsen and HOU Yifan. Unfortunately, for political reasons, were missing double Olympic champion, the national team of Armenia.

photo: Boris Dolmatovsky

Again, for boards, Karjakin and Caruana. Andrey Filatov ensures that all the moves in the match USA – Russia was correct.

Both tournaments were held according to the Swiss system in 11 rounds, the game was a classic for the system. The team consisted of 4 main players and 1 reserve.

In men, the favorites were three teams: Russia (led by her party for the upcoming match for the crown Karyakin), USA (with three supergrandmasters) and China (previous Olympic winner). But the champion this time is not flashed, and in the fight for medals was replaced by Ukraine, despite the fact that it was missing its first issue Ivanchuk. Other countries in certain moments were the leaders – Azerbaijan, India, the Netherlands, Norway, led by Carlsen, and others, but to sustain a high tempo they could not. In the end, the first two places were won by the United States and Ukraine – 20 points out of 24, two points behind Russia. Additional indicators the Olympic gold went to the United States, silver – Ukraine. Everything is natural, because the Americans, everything else, defeated the Ukrainians in a personal meeting. Bronze our players. By the way, the last time USA won the Olympics exactly forty years ago, in 1976. Yeah, nice gift they gave for the anniversary!

Why, for 14 years (Olympiad is held every two years) may not prove the superiority of the famous “Soviet chess school”? The explanation is simple. First, the American “dream team” included three outstanding grandmaster – Caruana, Nakamura and With that win almost all tournaments in which they participate (if, however, there is no Carlsen), and, secondly, all three recently spoke with Kasparov, recently in the tournament in rapid chess and blitz played together the whole Quartet. So it can be considered that Kasparov coached team USA. So, the victory of the Americans this is also the victory of the “Soviet chess school”!

photo: Boris Dolmatovsky
Vladimir Kramnik and Ian Nepomniachtchi, the Russians, the heroes of the Olympiad in Baku.

In the women’s tournament rating, favorites, too, there were three: China, led by HOU Yifan), Russia (on the first Board former world champion Kosteniuk) won the last three Olympic games, and Ukraine, two former world Champions – Ushenina and Muzychuk. The teams took turns in topping the table, but then burst forward Chinese women. Previously, they dominated the chess world and is now probably decided to remember his youth. In the last round, the draw put China and Russia. In case of victory, we caught up with Chinese women, but they prevailed and deservedly won gold – 20 points. And we unexpectedly overtook and Poland, she has silver. Ukraine – bronze, both teams have 17 points. We are one of the main prizes – 16.

Among Russian grandmasters it is necessary to highlight two. Vladimir Kramnik had won 5 games with three draws (6,5 out of 8) and achieved the highest ranking in his career – 2817. And Ian Nepomniachtchi in the first seven rounds, won all seven games – a unique record! We need to congratulate and Ukraine, but she got the winners in both tournaments. It is very important for the country in such a difficult political and economic situation.

The day before the end of the Olympics, when it became clear that neither men’s nor women’s team gold practically does not Shine, the President of the Russian chess Federation, he is the captain of the team Andrey Filatov said that one of the tasks of the team in Baku was the preparation of Sergey Karjakin to the match for the crown. Not a very clear connection, because the meeting with the Norwegian prepares only one of our Olympians out of ten. In fact, to win the very prestigious Olympics (our men’s team this fails since 2002), and simpler than Karjakin beat Carlsen. And with this approach, as the fight in new York was declared ready for the Olympics in Batumi 2018…

By the way, although the timing for the Board did not sit down, but he also lost one game in Baku. At the FIDE Congress held here, were delivered to the vote his proposal to change the system of world championship. The meaning of it is that anyone can call a world champion on the carpet, if appropriate ensures the prize Fund, which will be shared by the world champion and FIDE. Although FIDE is a very tempting offer, he was voted only two, but against all the rest (over 100 delegates). Yeah, wanting to see the match Carlsen with bill gates or with one of our generals (which stores its currency in the boxes from under the Shoe).

And again. In parallel with the Olympics was the correspondence of the FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov with Barack Obama about U.S. sanctions, under which Kirsan, in his opinion, was undeserved. Ilyumzhinov hinted to Obama that he was ready to fly to Washington at any time to defend in court its good name. The response from Obama, however, is not followed.

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