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The oligarch and the ex-Governor of Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev, seem to have decided to uncover his old contacts in politics, for the sake of making his desired judicial decisions.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

Now in Arbitration court of the Voronezh region is considered a dispute between two offshore companies concerning the option at the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale of shares of JSC “Fashion continent” (owner of clothing brand Incity). It is, in principle, could not be available to the General public, if as third party it would not have been attracted by Vladimir Gruzdev and his family members and shareholders of the company of the mother of the former Governor Nellie Gruzdeva, his wife Olga Gruzdev and son Gregory Gruzdev.

The oligarch tries to distance itself from public participation in the process, claiming that businesses “Fashion continent” belongs to the members of his family. But, apparently, also decided of the hearing to ignore. Naturally the question arises: why? Especially when you consider that things are “Fashionable continent” in recent years, are not very good. Financial difficulties at the company began in 2014. A few weeks ago, after the next meeting of shareholders, all family members Gruzdev chose to leave the Board of Directors is the main management body of the company.

One gets the impression that Vladimir Gruzdev decided to play “blind”. Not to speak publicly at the hearings in court, do not make public decisions of the Board of Directors, but continue to affect the performance of the company.

It is obvious that the former Governor will easily find the right connections to put pressure on the Arbitration court of the Voronezh region. The current Governor of the region Alexey Gordeev, for example, is known for his interest in the agricultural business. It is not excluded that the former and current governors have repeatedly crossed on the soil of another business project Vladimir Gruzdev – food retail network “the Seventh continent”.

The influence of Vladimir Gruzdev for the court, it seems, is already beginning to bear fruit. For example, at a recent meeting of the court for some reason not very interested in the lack of family Gruzdev, preferring to stay on the version that third parties were not duly notified. He says, ‘ not the same, the phones unreliable.

Obviously, some calls to the right people has already been made, and now the case will be solved in the “right” key. For public fields Vladimir Gruzdev already in store response: in the Board of Directors does not consist, beneficiary are not. As they say, was not involved, was not involved.

And then all the failures in the business field can always be attributed to mother – Nellie Gruzdevu. For many years she worked as a teacher of chemistry and biology in high school. But in recent years, follows the advice of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev that has sent teachers to run a business where you can earn “better and faster”. And so, when comes to the aid of an administrative resource of the former Governor, it can not be.

Olga Stoyanova

Source: IA “Moscow monitor http://mosmonitor.ru/articles/economy/sudebnyiy_zapredel

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