In Yakutia are looking for a geologist who dragged into the woods the bear


In Suntarsky district of Yakutia, the bear attacked a group of geologists working for the diamond company. As a result of incident one employee was missing. Most likely, he died.


The attack of a predator on the staff of the Botuobinskaya exploration expedition occurred in the area, “Kampinski-2”, which is located in especially protected natural territory of the resource reserve “Achuma”, reports RIA Novosti.

In the Republican Ministry of nature protection after the incident held a meeting. According to its results the decision was made to find and eliminate the bear in accordance with the requirements of rules of hunting, approved by the Ministry of environment.

Currently, in the area of emergency works investigative team of the interior Ministry and the Prosecutor’s office and representatives of the Directorate of bioresources and specially protected nature areas Ministry of nature protection of Yakutia. Also it should arrive hunters and two hunters with dogs.

Note that in June of this year, the bears have surrounded in the Yakut taiga a group of fishermen, one of whom was a pregnant woman who went into labor. As a result, the rescuers had to crawl into the woods on foot, and then to drive away animals by shots from a service weapon.

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