In Tatarstan condemned the statements of former TV presenter on the terrorist attack in Orlando


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KAZAN, 15 Oct — RIA Novosti, Irina Durnitsyna. Members of the Public chamber of Tatarstan (RT OP) at its meeting on Wednesday condemned the actions of the ex-host of one of the Kazan television, head of the Union of young innovation leaders Ramil Ibragimov, endorsing the social network the killer in a gay club of the American city of Orlando, reported RIA Novosti the representative of OP RT.

© REUTERS/ Omar Mateen via Myspace/HandoutЭкс-the shooter’s wife of Orlando told about his homosexual naklonnogo the interlocutor of Agency, now the Public chamber of the Republic is preparing an official statement condemning the actions of Ibragimov.

After the attack on the page Ibragimova in social networks there was a message with profanity in which he approved the attack in a gay club. In this text, the killer of 49 people in the U.S. named the “proper Afghan kid” and expressed hope that being in the hospital more than 50 wounded will die.” A few hours later the entry was removed, but managed to cause a wide public resonance.

The Prosecutor’s office of Tatarstan has organized a check into the placement records.

“Tatarstan has always been an example of how people value and relate well to each other, regardless of ethnicity, religion, any social, gender, including sexual factors. We need to clearly define the position of the public and the Public chamber of Tatarstan with categorical condemnation and rejection of any of the statements and publications of a similar nature,” — said at the meeting, the member of the OP RT, Chairman of the center for the study of discrimination, extremism and xenophobia Vadim Kozlov.

© AP Photo/ David GoldmanСМИ: wife of terrorist from Orlando knew about the intention of the husband to make trackselection the Chairman of the state Council of Tatarstan, Chairman of the Union of journalists of the Republic Rimma Ratnikova noted that Ibragimov’s actions impose a negative impact on the whole country and this may affect the investment attractiveness of Tatarstan.

Earlier the head a press-services of the President of Tatarstan Eduard Khairullin stressed that emotional statement Ibragimova is his personal opinion, but “such judgments are unacceptable”, “the Republic’s authorities condemn and consider unacceptable any statements and actions that justify violence”. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov also said that the negative statements in connection with the attack at a nightclub in Orlando is inappropriate, and justify the actions of terrorists unacceptable.

Ibragimov himself later wrote that it did not support any terrorist group, and the previous post deleted “because it is absolutely incorrect interpretation”.

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