In Rosmolodezh expect to raise the level of relations with Ukraine over three years


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MOSCOW, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti. The Federal Agency for youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh) expects to reach a new level of relations with Ukraine on youth policy for a maximum period of three years, more active cooperation, I would like with the Baltic countries, but while signals with their side, said in an interview with RIA Novosti the head of the Agency Sergey Pospelov.© Photo: NGO “Young Guard of United Russia”of the Federal Agency for youth Affairs signed a Memorandum of cooperation with the colleagues from Iran

“I’m sure it will take literally a year or two, maximum three, and we will reach a new level of relationship. And I am sure that the first steps to each other between our countries will be in the youth environment,” said Pospelov.

He added that given the difficult political situation in Ukraine, to interact with official structures has become more difficult, “although with a number of youth organizations we are continuing our cooperation”. “Let’s just say, we do not store dense bilateral contacts, although the guys from Ukraine come to us, including our youth forums, even from Kiev. We are trying to engage in dialogue on international markets, although the complexity here is,” he explained.

As for official contacts in the youth policy with the Baltic countries, and they, according to Pospelova, are not in the active phase, and at the moment we have no signals about their willingness to more closely, although we are open to this”.

“In the last period we had no active relationship in the field of youth policy with the Baltic countries, although we have fairly good relations under University contacts, and so forth, and youth events are held, including, in the memorable date, but there is still a big potential growth of our relationship… We would like more intensive relations with these countries”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

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