In Novocheboksarsk police for beating two people have planted under house arrest


Moscow. September 9. INTERFAX.RU – law Enforcement authorities of Chuvashia have detained a policeman suspected of beating of two residents of the city of Novocheboksarsk, according to the Republican SU TFR on Friday.

On the eve on one of the forums in the Internet appeared the video, where a man in police uniform gets a beating of two citizens.

“From the content of the published reports indicate that the incident took place on the night of 8 September in Novocheboksarsk street Vinokurova on-site petrol filling stations”, – stated in the message.

On the given fact bodies of the RCDS opened a criminal case under paragraph “a” of part 3 of article 286 CC RF (excess of powers of office made with application of violence).

Investigators together with division of internal security of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Chuvash Republic established a suspect: he was 33-the summer Lieutenant of police, district police officer from the city of Novocheboksarsk.

According to investigators, at night on Thursday at the gas station in Novocheboksarsk police “purposefully inflicted kick in the back with 26-year-old who was there as a young person, and then hand his 22-year-old friend in the abdomen”.

The TFR did not specify the motives of police beating young people.

In the Republican SU TFR to Agency “Interfax” reported that on Friday, the Novocheboksarsk city court chose the suspect measure in the form of house arrest for 2 months.

Earlier it was reported that the video of the beating was posted on the forum of the portal “In touch”. It shows a man dressed in a police uniform, kicking a seated young man, and then his stomach another one.

Video shot by an eyewitness in the dark. According to forum visitors, victims were pedestrians.

“Shortly before that on the sidewalk they drove Lada-Priora”, which was trying to escape from a police “UAZ”. After the arrest of the offender dissatisfied young people began to sort things out with the driver “Frets”. For this they tied up the policemen and handcuffed. After the story in the video, their fate is unknown”, – stated in the message on the forum.

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