In Moscow on VDNH will celebrate the birthday of Nikolai miklouho-Maclay


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MOSCOW, 17 Jul — RIA Novosti. “The day of the Maclay” timed to the 170th anniversary of the Great Russian ethnographer, will take place at VDNKH on Sunday, reported the press service of the complex.

The birthday of the famous traveler Russian geographical society (RGO) prepared ENEA rich program. In summer the cinema lecture centre will be an exhibition lecture, “Totems of Africa,” where visitors learn the history of the mysterious ritual objects and will be able to see some of them; listen to a lecture about the field work of Russian anthropologists in Australia, will touch the mysterious world of Indian dancers. The youngest guests of the festival will take part in the competition of children’s drawings.

Everyone can feel like natives, making using professional face painting tattoo style with Papuans of the Islands of Oceania. Informative master class “Dialogue of cultures in the ornaments” will show how the mixing of traditions of different peoples, it is possible to paint a matryoshka doll of Egyptian ornaments, and the spinning wheel Greek.

The holiday guests will also be able to compete for the prizes of the Russian geographical society, participating in ethnographic quiz and to train the memory in the memory game, the cards which depicts the drawings of a scientist.

July 17 marks 170 years since the birth of Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maklai (1846-1888), the great Russian ethnographer, anthropologist, biologist and traveler who has studied the indigenous population of South-East Asia, Australia and Oceania, including the Papuans of the northeast coast of New Guinea. Now this coast is named after the scientist Maclay Coast. All major Explorer expedition was held under the patronage of the Russian geographical society. In memory of miklouho-Maclay, laid the foundations of Russian anthropology and Ethnography, this day is celebrated in Russia as day of the ethnographer.

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