In India concerned about possible military cooperation between Russia and Pakistan


Moscow. September 16. INTERFAX.RU IN Delhi I hope that Russia will not supply arms to Pakistan and carry out joint military exercises with the country, reports Indian newspaper the Economic Times citing a senior source in the government of India.

“India has informed Russia about the concerns regarding plans for the sale of four military helicopters to Pakistan, as well as conducting joint exercises with the Pakistani army. We continue to hope that Moscow will not take any steps that would prejudice the security interests of India,” the newspaper quoted the words of the interlocutor.

“Despite the fact that Moscow’s geopolitical interests makes certain military overtures to Islamabad, Delhi expands its strategic partnership with Russia, and this will be clearly demonstrated during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to participate in the bilateral summit and the BRICS summit in October,” the source added.

The unnamed interlocutor of the edition noted that, in addition to the military sphere, India is stepping up cooperation with Russia in the field of energy, telecommunications and industrial sectors.

He added that “while India is developing military-strategic partnership with the United States, she is aware that Russia is a major player in Western and Central Asia and also has significant presence in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“Moscow holds an important place in the policy of national security of our country and plays a key role in the strategic thinking of India. We act in tandem with Russia in the Persian Gulf, Iran and Afghanistan. Delhi and now makes first phone call to Moscow, when it comes to emergencies in the sphere of security, ” he concluded.

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