In Crimea, the Muslims will honor the memory of victims of act of terrorism in Beslan


MOSCOW, 2 sen — RIA of news. Today in the mosques of the Crimea will hold a memorial prayer for the victims of the terrorist attack in Beslan, have informed RIA Novosti the press service of the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Crimea (ramc).

“It has been 12 years, but the pain of the terrible tragedy still lives in our hearts. Killing innocent people, terrorism is primarily a crime against the faith and against the Creator of the worlds, as is the destruction of His creations. The worst thing is when the terrorists targeted the children. Patience and strength to their parents, peace and harmony for all of us, and unity and solidarity in the fight against terrorism”, — quoted the press service of the mufti of Crimea Emirali ablaeva.

Beslan tragedy

A group of terrorists numbering more than 30 people seized school No. 1 in Beslan in the morning of 1 September 2004, during the festive line. The terrorists herded into the school gym more than a thousand hostages, including young children. People were forced to stay in school for three days without giving them water and food.

About noon on 3 September to the school, a car drove up with four emergency workers who had to pick up the bodies of dead terrorists men. At this point in school, there was an explosion, after which both sides began shooting indiscriminately, and formed in the wall of the gym began to break jump women and children.

Victims of tragedy of steel 334 people, including 318 hostages, from which 186 — children. Killed ten employees of the special forces Center of FSB of Russia, two rescuers and 15 policemen. Injured was 810 hostages, employees of special troops of FSB, militia and military personnel.

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