In Caucasian biosphere reserve will be released a couple of front-Asian leopard


Sergey Mangalapura the image Bank

St. PETERSBURG, 18 Jul The Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation in mid-July plans to release a pair of front-Asian leopard in the wild nature of the Caucasian reserve with the purpose of preservation of the species, told reporters natural resources Minister Sergei Donskoi.

“We have implemented a large global project on the reintroduction of front-Asian leopard in nature. To do this, we created an enclosure, special conditions to leopards evolved. Today in the nursery some families already have a litter,” he said.

© Photo: Marcel BurkhardЗоопарк in Novosibirsk in July will show the Persian leopard 12 Jun Russia Day three kittens were born.

“As for the epic (project — ed), we have 15 of the planned July release of a pair of leopards in the Caucasus nature reserve”, — said Donskoy. Currently in Caucasian biosphere reserve are leopards do not live.

“In the future we plan to increase their number in a cage… But in General there is an idea to make a few centres not only in Sochi but across the corridor, where it is necessary to restore their population,” — said the Minister.

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