In Astrakhan, the court again refused Dzhemilev-Junior.


The offspring of the head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, was banned in Russia, Hayser Dzhemilev will remain in Russian custody. September 30 the decision was taken by the Soviet district court of Astrakhan gave the defenders of a negative answer to petition for parole.


Blame — regular violation of the prison regime, therefore, the defendant no prerequisites for PAROLE. In any case, Cemil Jr lbwv1er. will stay in Russia the maximum till 26 Nov 2016. Two years that man spent in custody prior to the pronouncement of the court verdict, included 3.5 years of imprisonment, therefore after 2 months it will be released. Serving his sentence Hayser Dzhemilev for a crime committed in 2013. Then mentally ill, but having a passion for firearms Dzhemilev, Jr., was killed with hunting rifle 44-year-old Fevzi Edemova. The project was led by Ukrainian investigators, who did not complete the investigation until the return of the Crimea Peninsula part of Russia. Hayser Dzhemilev was released from custody, but not managed to smuggle out of the detention center of Simferopol on the mainland Ukraine. Further, the investigation was carried out by Russian prosecutors.

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