Gennady Zaridze: in miracles easier to believe if it is proved by science


The Chairman of the Association of Orthodox scientists, rector of the Church of the Holy virgin in the Voronezh region Archpriest Gennady Zaridze for many years engaged in the study of the wonders of the scientific method. In April of this year he came to the temple in Jerusalem of the Resurrection with thermometer — device that measures temperature. As thousands of pilgrims on the eve of Easter he waited for the descent of the Holy fire is not only to receive grace, but in order to measure the temperature of the Holy fire. About the results obtained and the role of science in the religious life of the Orthodox scientist said in an interview with RIA Novosti. Interviewed By Victor Hrul.

– Father Gennady, where were you born and raised? When they began to study science?

— Born and raised in Voronezh. My father came to study in graduate school in Voronezh from Georgia, he taught political economy at the University. Mother — a teacher of Russian language and literature.

Since childhood, I was concerned with the question: why live? If still dies, meaning what? The Lord gave me this understanding: for example, running the receiver at a particular wavelength and if it breaks, the wave still remain. That my soul is as wavelength — individual, personal, no longer belong to anyone. And my soul will remain. This is proof that she will live.

In my youth I was fond of astrophysics. And then when I went to University, wanted to study the physiology of death, to understand whether the soul is immortal. Worked in the Department of physiology of the University of Voronezh, planning to write a thesis.

In April 1982, was suddenly dying. When I was taken to the intensive care unit, the heart stopped beating, the body was gray and motionless. My wife was advised to prepare coffin, because of hope that will survive, it was not. The next day I regained consciousness and saw that God took pity on me and left for repentance, and therefore still live.

When survived in the shower was incredible joy that I was pardoned sinner, a desire to confess all sins, to ask God’s forgiveness for them. After a short search he met a priest Nikolay Sedykh, deep and sincere priest, who decided to confess. When they came to confession, he asked: “where’s the cross?” “No. But what is needed?” — “You have come into the Church”. He looked at me wearing a small cross and began to practice. Books about Orthodoxy was not at that time, it was logical to think that I did against my conscience? When I repented from my heart, the priest read the prayer of absolution, and then I physically felt like a concrete slab had been lifted off my shoulders.

– And you were baptized by that time?

— Yes, were baptized from childhood: my grandmother was a believer, she baptized me slowly, my great grandmother was a nun, lived in Pochaev Lavra. And daddy was a Communist.

After the confession was always to go to Church, take communion, I decided to live to help your soul to escape and to help those in need. First was a chorister in the temple, then the Psalmist, he entered the correspondence course at the Seminary in 1988, ordained deacon, then priest.

First and foremost I am a priest, pastor, rector of the Church. And research activities, as a form of preaching about God, aimed primarily to encourage the Church, strengthen the faith of the intelligentsia, to try to revive the spiritual and moral principles of science.

– Why did you decide to create a Union of Orthodox scientists?

In our rationalistic age more and more significant status acquire the words “science has proven”, in the press increasingly use the phrase “scientists have proven”. That is, modern people, like the Apostle Thomas, demand proof of a phenomenon. In miracles easier to believe if it is proved by science.

In this context, science can do much for the propagation of the faith. Between science and religion is no contradiction — it’s just two different tools of understanding the world that surrounds us. So with the blessing of Metropolitan of Voronezh and Liski Sergiy was established interregional educational public organization “Union of Orthodox scholars”, which brings together more than 500 researchers. Branch of the organization is in Voronezh, Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Orel — a total of 20 branches in Russia and another 10 abroad. Among the members of the Association of more than 130 Russian doctors of Sciences and a number of prominent foreign researchers. Last year we held a scientific conference in Greece this year in Poland and Belarus.

– What miracles have been confirmed by scientific methods?

— Interesting story associated with the research of the shroud of Turin. After all, it began to investigate, to scientifically prove that it’s fake, and the result is that it’s real. It turned out that meets all the time: the pollen of relict plants, which are now no longer on Earth, and then, in the first century, they have grown on mount Calvary and the fabric of the shroud is also made in the first century, after a cloth never did. The shroud of Turin is also called the “Fifth gospel” because it shows all the gospel events surrounding the death and resurrection of Christ. Moreover, non-believing scientists — researchers of the shroud — was baptized.

Such was the case with the study Leninskogo the miracle happened in the VIII century, when in the time of divine Liturgy the priest doubted and thought: “And suddenly in the first century the grace of the transformed bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ? Maybe now he doesn’t?” He and those who were with him in the altar, was revealed clearly that in the Cup of communion are Holy sacrament is the true Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Since in Lanciano the Holy Gifts are kept in a crystal Cup, free of preservatives and special protection, not a port. Centuries passed, and the miraculous Gifts became the object of attention of scientists because from the point of view of science, they would have long ago turn to dust. According to the results of biochemical studies conducted by Dr. Odoardo Linoli in the early 1970-ies, it was the blood of the fourth group and in its mineral and organic composition identical to the blood found on the shroud of Turin. In addition, the blood was fresh and ready for transfusion. This is an amazing moment.

Many professors of medicine I was allowed to read the research of Dr. Linoli. Then they began to go to Church and take communion.

Research miracles enable people with rational thinking to understand what the power of God — the grace of the Holy spirit is, in fact, it is present in the world and creates life in the Universe.

Christ gave people the opportunity to improve and restore corrupted sin of human nature through His grace — making of the Holy sacrament and the grace of the Holy spirit. People, unfortunately, don’t know or understand that it is necessary to replace lost grace to connect in a single whole spirit, soul and body to man was complete. For example, some scientists believe that we have only 3% of the cerebral cortex. In order to work everything else needed God’s grace. Imagine that you bought the radio, brought it home and turned off the electricity. In this case, the receiver is just a detector that catches the wave without any additional power source. Here we have no power only detector, the 3% and the rest is not working. The grace of the Holy spirit are qualitatively different state of human existence.

– Please, tell us more about your study of the Holy fire.

— In may of this year, thanks to the Fund of Apostle Andrew the first-called and the blessing of Metropolitan of Voronezh and Liski Sergiy, together with the Russian delegation on Holy Saturday, I witnessed the miracle of the Holy fire in Jerusalem. I have no doubt that the Holy fire is a phenomenon of God’s grace that he is a sinful world God’s grace to sustain and strengthen the faith. There are even cases of healing during the descent of the Holy fire.

© Photo: photo courtesy of Prikhod khrama Pokrova Presvyatoy Bogoroditskaia Gennady Zaridze , Chairman of the Association of Orthodox scientists, rector of the Church of the Holy virgin

Nowadays people are starting to challenge this miracle and say that the Holy fire supposedly mined with a lighter or other devices. Unfortunately, among these people there are Orthodox journalists. This is a problem, because they publish their articles in fact many away from Christ, from the understanding of truth and action of the grace of the Holy spirit, from the miracle that God gives us for our own salvation, for strengthening in faith. Because there is a historical chronology of the annual descent of the fire in the Holy Sepulchre the day before Orthodox Easter, there is plenty of evidence that suggests that fire does not actually burn about the first 10 minutes and then gets hot.

As far as I know, measuring the temperature of the Holy fire in the first minutes after his toe was conducted. In 2008 scientist of Russian research centre “Kurchatov Institute” Andrei Volkov arrived at the convergence of fire and brought with him a device that recorded different spectra of electromagnetic radiation. And he was the first, before the Patriarch came out with a Holy fire to the people, learned from the readings that he went. Sensors have detected a powerful burst of the discharge, and the Patriarch emerged with the Holy fire… This is described in detail in the article “Measurement of fire” on the website “Православие.Ru”.

But the temperature of the Holy fire has not yet been measured. So with the blessing of Metropolitan Sergius was with me a special instrument, pyrometer, non-contact infrared thermometer measures the surface temperature of the object. The object was a silver plate with a width of five millimeters and a thickness of one millimeter. One end of a wrapped insulator, in order to keep the plate in the fire and not get burned. Since silver is one of the most thermally conductive metals, the plate is placed in the fire, instantly acquires the temperature of the flame.

Using the thermometer, I recorded the temperature of the Holy fire immediately after the ascent: this fire washed (not Sears!) and immediately measured his temperature at home and in neighboring countries, which was a fire nearby, and the average temperature was 42 degrees Celsius. After 15 minutes, I again measured the temperature, it was 320 degrees Celsius. 42 and 320 degrees — it’s a huge difference! This suggests that immediately after the convergence of fire really is not Sears, it is the cold plasma in the earth’s atmosphere. From the point of view of physics it can’t be, because we have in the atmosphere of oxygen cold plasma can’t exist. It can be created in inert gases, such as krypton, argon and neon, in special installations (with the use of ionizers, generators, transformers). In our ongoing research and development on the use of cold plasma in medicine (surgery, wound healing, etc.).

What happens when the Holy fire? The cold plasma appears instantly, regardless of weather and other natural factors, and after a while it becomes hot. But we know that to create a cold plasma in the earth atmosphere impossible. There are no such scientists who could prove that. Therefore, no one can explain the miracle of the Holy fire.

When talking about the fact that the Holy fire is lit with a lighter or something, they just don’t understand what they say. It is necessary to read physics and to understand that there is a violation of the law of conservation of energy. Just the grace of God gives us the fire to discipline, healing and strengthening in the faith.

– If from a scientific point of view, your experiment is valid, then anyone who wants can repeat and get the same results? For example, when Holy fire next year?

— Without a doubt, indefinitely.

– Where are you going to publish the results obtained in Jerusalem?

— On the website of the “Association of Orthodox scientists, and also believe to make a scientific report and write an article.

– Do you have plans to other studies, which would confirm the miracles?

— We are on a pilgrimage trip visited the island of Kefalonia in Greece. There exists such a phenomenon: on the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary people bring to the temple of the Lily, and when the flowers dry up, the servants open the shutter of the icon of the mother of God, put back the dry stems and close the shutter. The feast of the assumption of the blessed virgin on dry stems appear live stems, buds and lilies bloom. I saw it with my own eyes, moreover, they gave us these dried stalks with living lilies, we brought them to Russia. The Association of Orthodox scientists has a branch in Murmansk, where scientists working in the research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Using the methods of spectroscopy of intact tissues, physical methods of determining the moisture content, it was concluded that this phenomenon — a miracle, since the dry part of the stem has no water, no nutrients, it cannot give a lively sprout and even flourish. The article has already been published.

Another example. On Kefalonia the day of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary poisonous snake crawl into one place, which once was a convent, but no one is biting. There is a legend that one day this island landed the pirates wanted to Rob a convent, sisters of steel in fear to pray to the Theotokos before the icon, which depicts a snake. When the pirates came to the bell tower of this monastery, and from there crawled out a snake and rushed to them. The pirates fled the ship in fear and swam away. Since then, the feast of the assumption of snakes gather at the site of a former monastery. And in those years, when this happens, earthquakes and natural disasters. But even in these matches, but the fact that these snakes are warm-blooded! From a biological point of view is not warm-blooded snakes. So we want to invite you to Kefalonia reputable serpentlike from Moscow to describe these snakes and measured their temperature.

Another interesting fact: the temperature of the relics of saints Spyridon — 36.6 degrees. And he died in the IV century. How can this be explained in the framework of the existing natural scientific theories?

Through the interpretation of such facts a scientist — if he is consistent and honest — coming to the faith like the Apostle Thomas who put their fingers in the wounds of the resurrected Savior.

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