Gazzayev has signed an agreement with potential investors of Russian football


He believes that the business of the football industry in Russia is at zero

The candidate in presidents of the Russian football Union Valery Gazzaevu: “Interfax”

Moscow. September 21. INTERFAX.RU – the Candidate in presidents of the Russian football Union Valery Gazzayev says that it has signed an agreement aimed at the development of Russian football.

“I held talks and signed an agreement with the financial industry group of investors who are willing to long-term contact in the development of Russian football,” said Gazzayev on a press-conferences in the Central office of “Interfax”.

He noted that currently commercial football industry are practically zero. “She’s just not developing. Sponsors become less”, – said Gazzaev, adding that often the clubs in the first division, the Premier League are alone with their financial problems and have to solve them yourself .

“What kind of development we can say, if you get in a year from television rights 22-30 million dollars for the whole Russian football?” – asks Gazzaev.

He advocated an increase in revenues from the sale of television rights in a package of two leagues of up to $ 200 million.

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