Flash mob in honor of the “Hedgehog in the fog”: Norstein congratulated the whole country


In the heart of each of us there is a place for the Hedgehog in the fog. Not all understand it the way the author intended it, but loves everyone. “Dad,” Hedgehog Yuri Norstein, an aged grandfather, on Thursday, he celebrated the anniversary, 75 years. Rarely gives interviews, he sells merchandise with the famous character, hard going through what is happening now in Russia. “MK” has decided to congratulate the multiplier so that it was touching and noticeable to him. We organized an action — asked our readers to write on a sheet of paper the kind words addressed to the master, and to be photographed with the poster. On the opening day of his exhibition, September 15, Yuri chose not to appear in public, but on Wednesday, took in the gallery of the honoured guests. We were among them, and hastened to give the birthday boy a gift from the readers of “MK” — photo galleries of congratulations.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Yuri Norstein

— The Franc (multiplier so affectionately calls his wife Francesca, who painted all of the exhibition. — Ed.) “seeing” the fingers, ” said Yuri at the opening. — She draws in a small size — and creativity is enhanced with incredible energy. After viewing this exhibition, I hope you will change something in the shower. You are not necessarily transformed, but something you let happen!

Francesca herself at the opening to attend could not, and to congratulate “dad” – the Hedgehog has come a hundred people. Yuri Borisovich was seated at the table directly under one of the drawn Hedgehogs, and he signed with fifty Hedgehogs printed, devoted a few minutes to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, which this year gave a big exclusive interview.

— Yuri, how do you feel about the fact that now the exhibition, including your suit not only in museums but also in the spaces: shopping malls, hotels, airports?

Right you always have questions! Of course, in museums observed the silence that viewers need that ennobles them. When I wander through museums, I go out a different person. But if at the airport one of a hundred passengers, hastening on my flight, will discover something wonderful, it’s a miracle. In General, this exhibition — the exhibition of Francesca, and I’m here a subordinate sentence.

— What do you think about the other trends — revived paintings of the classics like van Gogh?

— Bad! It does not give the artist anything! If the Creator himself had quickened his work, it’s still all right, but when it’s someone else, the organizers of this action, entice audience, it’s no good. I recently watched a program on TV about the wonderful Popkov (Soviet artist Viktor Popkov. — Ed.), and here show his painting. And you — in his picture of the moving hand. Why?! Why to me there is a moving hand?

— You mean the Hedgehog can be either a picture, or a cartoon?

— Absolutely.

— Flow smoothly into each other can’t they?

— Can talk to each other and form the third.

— As this is the third call?

— The cinema.

— Yuri, do you have someone in the animal world, more beloved Hedgehog, Horse, Bear and Wolf?

— I love ant Nazarova (recently deceased animator Eduard Nazarov. — Ed.).

You animals just like on the screen or in life too?

— Why, I’m in the house lives dog Kuzya, for eight years. We found him on the street. He is our comrade, our friend, our happiness. He’s a bastard, he’s a squirt, which knows that all love him. It happens, and urchins find in the country — funny creatures!

— Know a lot about them as a biological form?

— Fortunately, no. Would be to study it — do not be portrayed in animation.

Why? Would be disappointed in him?

— Then my characters would not be alive. I would say: why are you the Wolf actually sings the Horse in the fog is not marching, the Bear puffing the Fame of the Innocent…

— A Hedgehog?

— A Hedgehog from me, thank God, did not become an addict!

Generally the call to congratulate master happy birthday responded people of all ages — retirees, young people and small children, which, of course, to the process connected parents. “My children because of the age cannot comprehend the wisdom of the cartoon “Hedgehog in the fog”, but the characters fascinate them: the Hedgehog and the Horse, and the Bear” — so, for example, told Anna, a young mother of two girls. To the editor sent greetings to Yury Borisovich in Icelandic and Chechen languages. Many parents buy toys-hedgehogs, hang on the wall in the nursery paintings with scenes from the cartoon.

Envelope with photo greeting cards from readers Vinogradov handed the youngest readers of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” and the exhibition — sisters Alice and Maya, 5 and 3 years old. The elder confessed to the master that her favorite fairy tale character is a Horse, and the younger supported Hedgehog. Norstein to the voices of the children listened and noted that Horse the kids closer, even though she frightened Hedgehog. Yuri solemnly promised the children to open the envelope on the morning of the anniversary. And kept his promise. Greetings strangers, it strongly touched. He gave the participants of the flash mob thank you very much and said that he would use photographs as… solitaire, who likes to spread out.

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“Dad,” “Hedgehog in the fog” Yuri Norstein 75 years old (35 photos)

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