Five of serving their sentences in Crimea, Ukrainians can be excused for PAROLE


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© RIA Novosti. To stringreplace fotobank in Kiev has refuted the idea that Russia recruited SavchenkoKAZAN, Aug 9 — RIA Novosti, Irina Durnitsyna. Five of the 18 convicts serving their sentences in Crimea, Ukrainians can be released on parole in the case of the relevant statements from them and judicial decision making, said the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova.

She recalled that in July she met with the Commissioner for human rights of Ukraine Valeria Lutkovska. The Ombudsman checked the lists and agreed to work with the competent authorities in their States, to convey the citizens of Ukraine, convicted and are in the Crimea, on Ukrainian territory.

“They (convicts serving their sentences to the Crimea Ukrainian citizens) — 18 people, including five today, there comes a period of parole. So if they are released on PAROLE, and this is possible if the prisoners will Express such a desire and if so decided, the court, then, accordingly, will be this amount less. If not, then we are talking about the number of prisoners,” — said Moskalkova told reporters.

The Ombudsman did not specify when it might occur, the transfer of convicts, noting that today it received confirmation from the Ukrainian colleagues and the head of the penitentiary system of Ukraine that they are ready to accept citizens of Ukraine, convicted and are in the Crimea and other regions of Russia. “In Russia we have this issue worked out today by the Ministry of justice, General Prosecutor’s office, there is a special request of Deputy Prime Minister. In the near future will be developed a mechanism of solving this problem,” — said Moskalkova.

Earlier, the representative of the Commissioner for human rights in Ukraine Mikhail Chaplya reported that the transfer to Kiev 18 prisoners in the Crimea, the Ukrainians will be held in September. He noted that the Russian side is working to resolve legal issues that prevent transfer of prisoners.

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