Famous hockey player explained why he was suspected of stealing cheese


Theft of equipment, supplies, money accused the police of the airport “Vnukovo” Soviet hockey player-striker, now a hockey administrator Michael Buturlin. The athlete assumes that he was set up by the guards.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, 61-year-old Mikhail V. 4 September was sent to Magnitogorsk — on the match of the youth League. The plane took off from Vnukovo airport around midnight. Hockey player passed inspection in one of the terminals, took off his shoes, passed through the frame, began to dress, as noted by orphan man purse.. What happened next was Mikhail Vasilievich personally told human rights defenders:

I took this bag and went with her, wondering — to whom to give it, because in the terminal one of the airport staff was not. Literally a couple of meters I was approached by four policemen and taken to a room with the police. Asked is your stuff? I replied that I found the bag and carried it to give to someone. They opened it, there were 9900 rubles. Police took photos. Brought witnesses and began to draw up the documents. Then he got some man, he said it was his bag. In the office I held from 22.30 till 2.30. Nothing was to sign. I work with two police officers. After I was released, one of them, named Sergei, came with me. And already on the street explained that it struck the Internet my name, knows about my merits. And then in a private conversation said that I was lucky that I was at the wrong time in the wrong place.

In Magnitogorsk the athlete flew off. Mikhail suggests that it was a fake incident for the sake of “sticks” – the result of professional activities on the disclosure of crimes. The famous hockey player is outraged that his whole country was accused of stealing the equipment, supplies, and intends to make a rebuttal.


Mikhail Buturlin was a pupil of the Moscow “Locomotive”. After the army three years played for “the miner” from Olenegorsk, played for Yaroslavl “torpedo”, in 1985, became the best scorer of the team. In February 1982 in the national team of the RSFSR participated in the tournament in Japan was named the best forward of the competition. Judge of national and international category, serving the largest Russian (from 1997) and international competitions. Headed the inspection Committee of Federation of hockey of Russia, worked as a Manager in the Moscow region, HC MVD, who played in the super League.

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