“Every sheep is going to teach me”: Norkin kicked the expert from the Studio


One of the numerous talk shows on Russian television, which blamed Ukraine, Obama and the Democrats had almost ended in a fight moderator Andrey norkina with the Ukrainian political scientist Sergey Zaporozhye. Topic “the meeting Place, which took place on September 28, was devoted to the investigation of the death of the Malaysian Boeing MH17 in the Donbas.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

As you can see from the video, which is now actively walking on the web, the dispute in the Studio emerged after Norkin very softly began to explain to the audience that the result does not allow Russia to investigate or consider our arguments (in fact, the international Commission stated that it considered the materials of the Russian – ed.). This German journalist andré Ballin said that Russia had several versions of, say, the Ukrainian aircraft, “Beech”, but also Ukrainian.

Norkin interrupted him and said: “On the plane was the version about the fact that “Boeing” knocked Ukrainian plane… was voiced not by the Ministry of defense of Russia. These photos appeared in a broadcast on Russian television, as were sent to some American blogger”. At this moment a voice of Zaporozhye Ukrainian political analyst: “No!”. Norkin breaks down: “Look, I don’t need to treat me, eh?”. The expert responds: “because you cheat”. After that Norkin with the words “let’s get out” he pushed the expert of the Studio.

“Well… just sheep going to teach me… I have 26 years in journalism work,” explained Norkin their behavior gathered in the Studio.


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