Crimeans have declared readiness to patrol the streets after the attempted sabotage.


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MOSCOW, Aug 11 — RIA Novosti. Residents of Crimea are ready to go patrolling the streets to identify saboteurs after the Peninsula was prevented a terrorist attack, said Thursday the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.© Sergey Goneeverything in fotoboeken said that the actions of Kiev in the case of the terrorist attacks in the Crimea are the United States

According to him, Crimeans are particularly vigilant after reports of foiled attack. He expressed confidence that, utilizing the efforts of the local population, the authorities will be able to identify suspicious persons who came to the Peninsula with bad intentions.

“I have in Facebook social networking notice from the Crimeans who want to offer their services. Including, to go out on patrol on the streets, including, for the detection of subversive groups of the enemy. So Crimeans spirit is strong, and we have nothing to fear. And to promote special services, we will be at full volume, I personally do not doubt”, — said Aksenov, speaking on the TV channel “Russia 24”.What would make the infiltrators in Crimea?

  • To destroy critical infrastructure
  • To intimidate citizens
  • To strike the image of Russia
  • Not watching the topic

He noted that now on the Peninsula taken comprehensive measures in order to prevent such incidents.

“I am confident that our services will cope with the situation and will be able to ensure the safety of Crimeans, Russians in full”, — said Aksenov.

The head of the Crimea said that the strengthening of security measures is to conduct technical activities on the border with Ukraine. “We have, fortunately, the isthmus, the land border is small in length, because you can equip all this way. There not even a fly flew, I’m sure our service can handle it”, he said.

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