CBR: check CTP cameras will be more effective than increasing the penalties


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MOSCOW, 10 Aug — RIA Novosti. Check insurance policy with the help of cameras, photo and video fixation will be more effective as compared to increase the fine for driving without a policy of mandatory “avtograzhdanki”, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Bank of Russia.

© RIA Novosti. Michael Voiceoperated in fotoreceptorilor criticized the idea of increasing the penalty for driving without Osakarovski Union of motor insurers (RAMI) has proposed to increase the penalty for driving without insurance ten times. In the PCA believe that the penalty for driving without insurance policy should be commensurate with its cost (the average amount of insurance in the Russian Federation, according to RSA, now is 6 thousand rubles). Today the current fine for driving without insurance is 800 rubles, with the introduction of a right to receive a 50% discount for fast payment of traffic police, it is actually reduced to 400 rubles.

“In this case is more important than the severity of punishment, and its inevitability. In our view, more effective measure compared to increase the fine for driving without a policy is the ability to check the availability of the policy in automatic mode. We hope that the Ministry in conjunction with the RSA will launch an automated system that will allow the cameras on the roads the number of car to check whether it was the policy in the database of RSA”, — said the press service of the regulator.

If this system will work, on the roads with cameras driving without insurance will result in a fine that will certainly encourage car owners to comply with their obligation to purchase insurance protection, explained in a press-service of the Central Bank.

© Fotolia/ terexВ Committee of the state Duma opposed the increase in fines for driving without Esagonale with that, RAMI RIA Novosti reported that, unfortunately, at the moment there is no change in the law and the instructions of the Bank of Russia needed to start this project. “It is necessary to solve not only technical, but also organizational issues. … Currently we are working technique of information transfer from the automated information system for SAR (AIS RAMI) in the database of the traffic police to check for insurance policy by cameras,” — said in Union.

RAMI hopes that in the near future all the technical details will be settled and will identify priority regions within which the system will work. “The launch will happen in two stages. First and foremost, this mechanism will allow using cameras and photographs to verify the owner of the vehicle a valid insurance policy at the time of the violation by the driver of traffic regulations. The camera will record the license plate of the offender, and then use data exchange with a base, RAMI he will check for the insurance policy. It is assumed that the second stage of operation, the mechanism will apply to all drivers,” — said in Union.

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