Bear-eater buried stolen them in Yakutia geologist in the ground


In Yakutia found the remains of a geologist who previously attacked by a bear. Found and the predator: it was already shot. Experts intend to open the carcass and check the contents of his stomach.


The incident occurred two days ago in the area, “Kampinski-2”, located on the especially-protected natural territory of the resource reserve “Achuma”. There were employees working the Botuobinskaya exploration expedition.

As the press service of the Investigative Committee for the Republic, a man came out of the huts. Soon colleagues heard him scream. However, finding the victim they failed: on the spot were able to detect only fragments of his body and clothes.

Two days later the geologist’s body was found buried about 200 yards from the scene of the loss. Characteristic lesions on the body saying that he was the victim of a bear.

By the way, the predator has already been found and destroyed by hunters. In RCDS noted that the experts will review the contents of his intestines and stomach. On the fact of incident is conducted investigation verification.

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