Bad show: Zakharova, ridiculed the performance of Kerry in UN


The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova ridiculed the speech of US Secretary of state John Kerry, which he delivered at the meeting of the security Council of the United Nations on Syria.

According to Zakharova, which she expressed in an interview with reporters of the TV channel “Russia-24” all American statement at the security Council meeting on the responsibility of the Russian Federation for the attack on the humanitarian convoy of the UN and red Crescent were specially prepared show designed to impress the media and ordinary people who, ultimately, through the media with this speech familiar.

“The Secretary – normal show for millions of people and the media… a desire to shift their responsibility for what is happening in Syria, to put again someone to blame. Who?Of Course, Russia! But it’s a bad show, because it’s poor, meager and without any of the facts… it looked ridiculous,” – said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry, stressing that the massive support the United States position was not observed propecia pills buy online.

“About what Kerry said on Syria – he himself admitted that there is a parallel reality… Well, that and there is the United Nations so that every country expressed their opinions. The US expressed,” – said the diplomat.

Zakharova criticized also “rough” comparison of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenok of Russia’s actions in Syria with what is happening in the Donbass.

“I can’t afford such comparisons. I do not even want on this subject… it’s too tragic what is happening with Ukraine… Tragicomedy, when he’s President Poroshenko begins something to teach, something to call,” – said Maria Zakharova.

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