As a hacker Paunch was “thief in law”


The answer to the question, how is it that Paunch, rented a bunch sploits Blackhole, became a hardened criminal, most likely, can be found in the methods the investigators used them in recent years.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

What is “organized criminal community”, they know everything. In fact, this is a real mafia where there are “thieves in law” and “polozhentsev” and “looking”… high-ranking criminals are the focal points of criminal associations and their structural divisions. Here all clearly know who reports to who, and who is responsible for what. For example, become a thief in law – it means to be initiated into the secret order of thieves, the elite and the leaders of the criminal world. As such heights failed to reach the fat Paunch? It was included in the OPS investigators of the Department, in convicting him under article 210 of the criminal code. As a result, Fedotov and his colleagues in OPS: Ilya Braginsky, Valery Gorbunov, Roman Kulakov, Artem Palchevskogo, Vladimir Popov and Sergei Samarin became the first domestic criminals sentenced to long prison terms. The Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow found them guilty of committing fraud in the field of computer information systems, sentenced to deprivation of liberty for a term of from 5.5 to 8 years! By the way, in recent time there is growing convicted under article 210: unreasonably rigid article 210 of the criminal code without exaggeration can be called the most popular article of the Criminal code in recent years. This thesis is confirmed by the statistics of the Judicial Department under the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation according to which for the last seven years in our country is almost 2.5 times increase in the number of persons convicted according to article 210 of the criminal code. So, Paunch imprisoned for 7 years, and, for example, the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov – all 20 as a hardened terrorist. The first was accused of involvement in organized crime; the second – already in the organization of the terrorist community…

By the way, to unite the people in the community investigators love today and loved 50 years ago – suffice it to recall the sensational case of doctors-saboteurs. Then part of the terrorist group were included therapists Vovsi, Vinogradov, Kogan, Yegorov, Grinstein, as well as ear, nose and throat Ettinger and neurologist majors. Without big titles then, too, was not – doctors-pests were designated “enemies of the people” consisting in the hired agents of foreign intelligence. And it does not matter that the investigation, investigating the case, could not establish the structure of the unit (OPS, actually, should have a structure in which the community will be both older and younger); are unable to establish a hierarchy and to answer the question – on what basis has selected the candidates in the OPS. What are we talking about this? It’s very simple: the OPS is characterized by law and such signs as the presence of organizational and administrative structures, the total material-financial base formed including from contributions from criminal and other activity, hierarchy, the discipline, the established rules of the relationship and the conduct of members etc. If this is a no – no and OPS. Yes, of course, an abstract group of people can exist, but to the criminal community she will have no relationship… To the word, the media, interested in case a hacker Paunch, already wrote about that in his case all these signs they could not be found.

By the way, what is to blame directly Paunch? That it has managed to rent out a bunch sploits Blackhole people involved in cyber-theft? Blackhole allows you to remotely scan computers for vulnerabilities to malicious software. A program of this kind is highly in demand in the IT sector, because they give system administrators the ability to test a large number of users ‘ computers for vulnerabilities. The beauty of the program Blackhole lies in the fact that after a vulnerability is detected, you can load the computer or other software that covers the “holes” in defense. However, there were people who decided that you can load on other people’s computers not only anti-viruses, but Trojans. But where Fedotov was well aware of what his program to be something used for good and harm?

So Paunch, which, by the way, the whole world knows, and was convicted under article 210 – the same one which decided the result. After all, today article 210 of the criminal code is applied more and more often, is a great basis for extension of the period of investigation or the period of detention etc.

“Rossiyskaya Gazeta” writes about the remarkable details in the case of Fedotova. “According to media reports, they were all recognized as members of the OPS, and this conclusion, the investigators did, based on the testimony of a person in respect of whom conducted separate proceedings, is sentenced to 4.5 year of a D. Shishkin, who had claimed that the defendants N1-2/2016 involved in the Commission of several crimes, and who completed their role. Accusation under item 210 of the criminal code in this case was only an Annex to other charges and was based on the testimony of persons who have agreed to a plea deal and pleaded guilty. Against him was conducted in separate proceedings and, as written media, the constitutional court has noted that sentencing in the case, allocated in separate manufacture, can not affect the conclusions of the court about the guilt of the defendants in the main case”, the newspaper reports.

Whatever it was, now “a felon” Paunch, which, in my opinion, all the objective facts, “earned”, except that in article 272 of the criminal code (illegal access to computer information) and corrective work, sitting under article 210 of the criminal code and will sit for a long 7 years if the Moscow city court, which soon will be considered the appeal of hackers, will not change the verdict of a lower court.

Sergey Kondrashov

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